Politics and Factions in Flame and Frost


The kings of the Frostsea Isles have enjoyed centuries of independence from the politics and conflicts of the eastern lands. The last bastion of the Old Faith, islands once known for raiders and reavers has become famous for merchants and the cloth trade. The Dragon Ships of the Frost Sea are gone, little more than ribs and keels on stony beaches, replaced with the carracks and cogs of modern navies.

Location: The Frostsea Isles

Ruler: King Rurik

Throne; Whitecliff Castle (besieged).

Arms: The White Frosteagle, crowned and displayed, on a black field.

The Sun Court of Mittlemarch

Mittlemarch was a patchwork quilt of noble holdings, all in theory beholden to the Phoenix Emperor. When the King of Lephdros declared himself the Lion Emperor of the Sun Court of Mittlemarch, a series of wars a century long followed. One by one, Galia, Pfalt, Thessilia and Orbaal fell to the armies of the Sun Court.

Now, decades later the fifth Lion Emperor seeks to bring Frostcrown into his empire. He has succeeded in all but one last thing, and a siege that has dragged on for five long years.

Location: Mittlemarch and the Frostsea Isles

Ruler: Emperor Phillipe III

Throne; Lephdros Palace, Lephdros

Arms: The resplendent golden sun, on a red field bordered in white.

The Desk├ędrian League

Ravensgrad in the Frostsea Isles and Therapoli, Truse, Newgate, and Westmark in Mittlemarch formed a league of Free Cities. Here the Guilds ruled, and although taxes were payed, within the walls of each city no noble ruled.

The League is but a fiction, now, They have bent their knees to the Sun Court, and have signed new charters, swearing to fill the coffers of the Lion Emperor as their ransom.

Heliopolis and the Phoenix Court

To the south and east of Mittlemarch is the region known as the Cradle. Men have lived here since the dawn of history. It is here, ten centuries ago, that the Cult of Islik gained traction, eventually sweeping through the Mittlemarch. Heliopolis, the Golden City of the Sun, is the religious centre and political centre of the Phoenix Court.

Location: The Cradle, far to the south-east.

Ruler: Emperor Aleixos Xosertus XVII

Throne: The Alabaster Palace, Heliopolis.

Politics and Factions in Flame and Frost

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