From Svermark is descended Frostung and Svertung. The two languages have many share-words, but have changed to the point where communication is still mostly through hand gestures.

Frostung is spoken in the Frostsea Isles alone. It is still written with the twenty-nine Sverrunes, and although the languages have changed, anything written in Svermark is completely readable in Frostung.

Svertung is spoken in the northern mainland. More heavily influenced by Gaelsh, then by Thessilian, than Frostung, Svertung is written in the Thessilian alphabet.

Gaelsh is the mother language of Faroen and Gaelen, and a dozen less popular languages spoken only in what was once the northern city states of Mittlemarch.

Auld Thessilian is mostly forgotten, except for dusty tomes written long ago. It’s alphabet is the most common on the mainland, and is increasingly common in the cities and towns of the Frostsea Isles.

From Auld Thessilian comes High Thessilian or Imperéal it is more commonly known now that Lephdros has yoked Thessilia for centuries. Most of the dozen city states that made up the southern Mittlemarch have their own languages, corrupted versions of Auld Thessilian that share grammar, alphabet, and root words, although each has become quite different over time.

Imperéal is the language of diplomacy, arts, and culture in Mittlemarch, not because of any gifts of the language, but rather because of the importance of the Sun Court and the legacy of the long faded Republic of Thessilia.

Language is the grease of trade, and across the Sea of Storms a crude mix of Gaelsh and Thessilian sprang up. Like ivy, it has prospered and grown although it has no homeland. Língua has become the one common tongue of traders, travellers, and soldiers across the region. In western Mittlemarch and the Frostsea Isles it is the most commonly spoken second language learned by anyone.

To the South and East Helios dominates, and although it makes little headway into Mittlemarch, scholars and students, and specifically religious scholars of Islik the Divine King, often study it. The Helioan alphabet is a confusing set of over four hundred characters that often imply mood and tone, and change based on the social position of not only the writer, but the intended reader. Translating works written in Helios to other “flatter” languages is notoriously difficult.

The gnomes of Mittlemarch and the Frostsea Isles often tend to use Sprech — a pidgin of Gaelsh and the language from their distant home. Many still speak Vehlatanaratimha Su, or Vehl’su, as most of the gnomish language is implied.


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