The Races of Flame and Frost


By far the most numerous folk. Every village, town, and the few cities of the Frostsea Isles were built by, occupied by, and ruled by Humans.


History does not record when Dwarves first came to the Frostsea Isles, humanity and dwarf-kind shared a long and prosperous partnership. That friendship was tested when the last of the Deep Roads was collapsed and the Dwarves became refugees upon the surface, nearly two centuries ago.

Over the following generations the Dwarves have integrated with human society, and are well-represented in Guild Halls across the isles. They may well have been responsible for the emergence of Ravensgrad as a powerful member of the Desk├ędrian League.


They are not native to Frostsea at all, and are few in number. As to how they travel to the Frostsea Isles, this is a secret closely kept. Gnomes cannot pass easily as humans, their features are too different.


These are a folk entirely unheard of, in Frostsea Isles, or in Mittlemarch, or the empires beyond, out into the unknowable West.


None alive today have ever seen one of the folk people call orks. They are green, it is said. Or grey. Hairy, or scaly, or covered in poisonous slime. The last to fight them were the Dwarves, who locked them away beneath the earth when they collapsed the Deep Roads upon them.

The Races of Flame and Frost

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